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What Is a measured survey?

A measured survey provides an accurate representation of your building or site. This can include structural elements and architectural features and record the internal or external measured dimensions of a building, which are then drawn up to scale.

What information do measured surveys provide?

Measured surveys provide details for large sites for feasibility studies. Different types of survey are used to record specific details:

  • Floor Plan: A view of the room layout

  • Elevations: One side of a building from the outside

  • Cross sections: A cut through of the building

  • Roof plan: An overhead view of the building

  • Site plan: Shows the location of building in relation to boundaries, other buildings, trees, etc.

measured surveys

When would I need a measured survey?

You may need a measured survey to provide detailed information on aspects of your building before starting structural work such as a loft conversion or extension. Designers use them to plan layouts and contractors need them for pricing work and materials.

How are measured surveys conducted?

We offer a complete planning application service, from the initial assessment, drawings and determining solutions to any constraints to submitting detailed documentation and liaising with the planning authorities.

If you are planning building work or need accurate and detailed information about your property, discussing your needs with someone experienced in surveys ensure that you have the right survey, containing the detail needed by the builders.

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