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What are building regulations?

Building regulations set standards for design and construction to ensure the good health and safety of people in and around the building. These days they also set standards to ensure building efficiency in terms of fuel and power. Building regulations cover:

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  • Materials to be used

  • Fire safety

  • Insulation

  • Electrical and gas safety

  • Energy conservation

  • Structural requirements

  • Building access

  • Use of the building

When do I need building regulation approval?

You will need building regulations approval for most building works, whether you are planning a new building, extension, or change of building purpose. This can include loft or garage conversions, some structural changes, underpinning or drainage work.

It is important to be aware that building regulations differ from planning permission and you may need both for your building works.

How do I get building regulation approval?

Applications need to be submitted to your local authority’s building control department or a private sector approved inspector. For most projects it’s best to submit full-plan applications before work starts to reduce the risk of having to make amendments during building.

Your architect can create detailed works plans with additional information in support of your application. Your architect will be an expert in how building regulation approvals work and can coordinate with the building inspector and other professionals to negotiate any issues.

When the building inspector is satisfied the building meets required standards, you will be issued with a completion certificate.

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