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What is the role of technical drawings?

Architectural drawings play a crucial role throughout a building project. Depending on their purpose, they range in format from the artistic to the detail of technical drawings.

What is the role of technical drawings?

Realising the concept

Architects use initial sketches to help translate a client’s brief into a general concept. If the project is an extension or a refurbishment, drawings can include various elevations and a “before and after” element.

Getting into the detail

Once the overall concept has been decided more formal, technical drawings are created to detail how the building is to be constructed. Typically, technical drawings include everything that goes into the building and instructions for how it should be built. For example, mechanical and structural detail, electrics, plumbing, heating, and ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems.

Unlike artistic drawings, technical drawings are designed to specifically show a builder or surveyor, exactly how a building should be constructed and what materials need to be used. They are usually two-dimensional (orthogonal) plans showing sections and elevations and are prepared using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software.

Technical drawings should serve several purposes:

● Planning. Drawings are part of the documentation of a formal planning application and help the planning officer to decide on the suitability of a proposed building or changes. Whereas an artist’s impression is open to interpretation, technical drawings must be unambiguous as legal documents.

● Costing. Technical drawing can be used by builders to quote for the project, including costings and an estimate of completion date.

● Safety. Technical drawings include the specifications required by structural engineers to ensure safety regulations are met.

● Instructions. The drawings give the builder clear guidance on how the building is to be constructed.

Working with a professional architect

Technical drawings are a key means of communicating how the architect has translated the client’s vision and for the client to see how that vision works on a practical level.

At Robert Rigby Architects, we use these visuals to help a client get a sense of the space they are creating and to provide a tool for architect and client to work together to evolve ideas.

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