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The planning application process

The planning application process is the system by which you request permission from your local authority to build a new structure or make substantial alterations to an existing one that requires the authority’s consent.

When to make a planning application

If you wish to erect a new building, make a substantial change to an existing building or change the purpose for which a building is used, you will probably need to obtain planning permission before you start the work.

Planning application drawings

If you carry out work that required planning permission but haven’t received that permission yet, you could be served with an enforcement order that requires you to undo all the work that has been done.

Working with a professional architect

Submitting a planning application can be time consuming and requires technical and legal expertise. Our clients appreciate the advice and support that Reading based, Robert Rigby Architects can offer to help avoid delays and stress that can occur when submitting and managing your own application through the planning approval process.

We offer a complete planning application service, from the initial assessment, drawings and determining solutions to any constraints to submitting detailed documentation and liaising with the planning authorities.

Our experience of working with local authorities means we have the experience, to give your application the best chance of success and should an application be refused, we are there to help determine the next step, which may include making an appeal.

We support a wide range of building planning application cases, including full planning applications, changes of use applications, formal and informal pre-application submissions.

Robert Rigby Architects

Our full range of services encompasses all aspects of architectural design and construction, from residential to commercial projects, in the private and public sectors, with clients ranging from blue chip companies to private homeowners.

Our team is committed to delivering quality in the design process and efficiency in project administration and compliance, working closely with the authorities and with clients to complete projects on time and within budget.

If you are considering starting a building project, contact us today and arrange a design consultation, with no obligation.

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